Christmas Menu



Sunday to Thursday Minimum for 4 people, Booking Required

Three course

£20 Per Person

Lentil Soup g c d Turkish style, red lentil soup

Chicken Liver d g sd

Chicken Livers sautéed in butter, with caramelised pickled cherries, onions and spices

Red Mullet g

Grilled Red Mullet fillets served on a rye bread with fresh herbs and butter sauce

Goat Cheese d g

Sourdough with fennel and apricot , topped with oven baked goat cheese, grilled courgette, caramelised onion, green leaves and Modena balsamic glaze


Zencefilli Tavuk d g*

Small chicken breast cubes, sautéed with fresh ginger, spices, garlic, light cream and herbs with bulgur rice

Sea Bream d g sd*

Wild sea bream fillets, oven baked, served with herby white wine and garlic butter sauce, sautéed spinach, samphire and sautéed patatoes

Beyti Sarma g d

Charcoal grilled spicy lamb kofte, wrapped in Lavas bread, served on grilled aubergine and yoghurt puree, with sizzling butter, grilled tomato and pepper

Guvech (V) d* c

Clay baked courgette, carrots, peas, onion, tomato paste,
cheery tomato, garlic with sautéed spinach, and mozzarella cheese

Baklava with ice cream

g n d


Candied Pumpkin d*

d : dairy g: gluten c: celery n: nuts sd: wine *:optional

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