Modern-day Antakya, in Turkey’s border province of Hatay, is a melting pot of religions and cultures, with one of the most delicious cuisines in the world.
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Hatay Restaurant

About Hatay

Recognized by UNESCO as World City of Gastronomy, Hatay, where several cultures have lived together peacefully for centuries, is better known for its rich, delicious cuisine that is a manifestation of its cultural life.

With its mild climate, the first Christian church, the first mosque in Anatolia and numerous historical sites, this region has hosted many different cultures and religions for thousands of years. It has a cuisine with numerous forgotten food, food poems, mythological food stories and food description mosaics.

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Hatay Restaurant

Our Chef

     The Chef Hakan, born in Hatay, commenced his career at 15 in Istanbul with a famous restaurant, working as a kitchen porter. Within 10 years he had risen to head chef at a 5 star hotel in Istanbul. Since then Hakan has worked in many famous successful restaurants in Istanbul and Bodrum. In 2006, Hakan decided to move to England and hone his cooking skills at various Turkish Restaurants. The Manager Ahmet, born in Hatay, started his career as a waiter based Istanbul whilst studying at university. After finishing university, he decided to immigrate to England to further his education. Soon falling in love with the catering business, working for several Turkish restaurants in London as a waiter and later as a manager. Over the past 10 years Hakan and Ahmet have been influenced by traditional regional Hatay cuisine, with many of their dishes new to England. The cuisine follows their traditional roots and is presented in modern Western style. Both have an endless passion for creating new dishes and modernising the existing ones inspired from home. Hatay Restaurant now invites foodies to discover Hatay’s and Turkey’s rich cuisine.